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Military police system

I. Ordnance Integrated Management Platform

The ordnance business mainly includes the management of armory access control, bullet cabinets, and sentinel duty cabinets, the control of the quantity of ordnance materials in the warehouse, and the dynamic monitoring of the daily storage and fire status of firearms and ammunition. Sanhuan Technology Co., Ltd. has built a comprehensive ordnance management platform using a number of advanced technology technologies to comprehensively control and effectively supervise the data generated by the access control terminal and mobile carrying equipment in the ordnance business, and to realize the approval and information for all types of terminal equipment. Collect, equip static allocation, dynamic use, historical traceability, decision analysis and other whole processes, life cycle management, so as to achieve real-time response, supervision to people, tracking to the object. The platform is regulated by the warehouse, equipment management, and guns.


software interface




Second, dual network fingerprint access control system

? This system mainly relies on the internal three-level network resources of the armed police, and uses the GSM network transmission platform as an auxiliary to realize the dual network remote control and management of the fingerprint access control system of the arsenal.

? The system has the characteristics of strong real-time performance of three-level network communication, large communication capacity, and wide coverage and high flexibility of GSM network. Through the integration and integration of these two network resource advantages, the reliability of the entire system is improved.

? The system has set up video monitoring function to install the camera inside and outside the armory to realize visual control.

? The system has set up the remote login and delete fingerprint function, so that the detachment manager can manage the squadron's fingerprint login and deletion without having to go to the site, and solve the problem of remote squadron's traffic difficulties.

? The system has set the door open record query function, which can query the detachment licensor information and the squadron open personnel information. And the new log query function can be used to easily find the squadron and detachment fingerprint change records.

? The system has set the lock screen and unlock function to prevent the administrator from going out to operate the software.

? The system integrates the linkage alarm function, and installs a smoke detection alarm, a temperature detection alarm, an infrared microwave alarm in the armory, and truly realizes the joint control.

? The system has set up an emergency key password management box system. Includes a set of detachment password management software and key management box. Do not rely on any network, generate passwords through the software installed on the detachment computer, and control the opening of the squadron password management box. And the password is automatically used once, which solves the problem of key management.

? The fingerprint collection part of the system is separated from the door body and installed in a separate safe. The safety is increased to avoid human damage. And the large-screen LCD Chinese display, each step of the operation screen has synchronized Chinese prompts, the use is simpler and easier to understand.

? The mechanical lock of the system adopts the patented technology of our company. The door handle is separated from the lock body. It adopts the pentagonal design. It is difficult to open without special tools. In addition, the fingerprint lock adds a layer of security.


System network topology


Third, the checkpoint integrated cabinet

This system is to solve the various requirements of the firearms and ammunition management, emergency alarm, and visual voice intercom during the duty of the troops. The duty room, the duty station and the duty unit are connected to each other through optical fibers, and the necessary special equipment is added. Finally, it realizes high-integration and high-automation systems with several functions such as remote ammunition management, gun off-site alarm, visual voice intercom, three-level linkage alarm, and smart key management.


Fourth, the gun dynamic management system

In order to meet the requirements of the "informatization" construction of the troops and meet the needs of the duty units at all levels for safety and modern scientific management, Yantai Sanhuan Technology Co., Ltd. has been mainly engaged in the research, development and production of military products, especially for the past ten years. A large amount of scientific research has been invested in the safety and security of military combat weapons. The firearms dynamic management system is a product developed by our company in recent years. It comprehensively analyzes the key and difficult problems of the armed police force in duty work, training work, and inbound and outbound management. It proposes the combination of civil air defense and technical defense, prevention and prevention. The combined design concept has fundamentally solved the problems of long-term troubles for the armed police's guns, such as warehousing and dynamic management. The system includes spatial positioning technology, wireless communication technology, network technology, microelectronic technology, and information integration technology, and monitors and manages the entire process of the guns in and out of the warehouse. The dynamic management system of firearms has realized the standardization, standardization and modernization of the use of weapons and equipment management of the armed police forces, ensuring the smooth completion of weapons management and use.

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